Station Ticket Booking Agent Agreement

Applications are invited in the sealed envelope for the appointment of Station Ticket Booking Agent (stba) on the basis of commissions for the issuance of general ticket via dhanbad Division for (03) three-year JTBS or Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Seva is an Outsourcing System of Indian Railways. It allows contractors to set up ticket counters near train stations and sell train tickets without reservation. Jansadharan Ticket Booking sewaks (operator) sell train tickets without reservation via computer-controlled UTS terminals (unreserved ticketing system). A large number of security measures have been built in the YTSK counters for general reservation and “Tatkal”, with a reasonable financial guarantee, not authorized the reservation of discounted tickets (except seats for the elderly), the unavailability of the possibility of block booking, etc. restricted possibility for cancellation of tickets, etc. As reservation window checks are carried out on Indian Railways, the connection can be deactivated immediately in case of misconduct. The Ministry of Railways also ordered Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendras (YTSK) to install POS automatons and accept payments via all debit/credit bank cards for the issuance of reserved and unreserved tickets. You will be encouraged to accept payments through other modes, including UPI, USSD, e-wallet, Aadhar compatible payment system. 2.

The matter was examined in consultation with the accounts and finance branches of the Ministry of Railways and it was decided to allow Zonal Railways to accept the FDR of any nationalized bank, valid until the end of the contract, and the pledge that was approved by the STBA chosen by the bank`s issuance for the benefit of the railways. In view of the extension of the facilities for the issuance of tickets (reserved and unreserved), the Ministry of Railways have enabled the public-private partnership in the establishment and operation of computerized passenger reservation systems (PRS)-cum Unbooked Ticket System (UTS) terminals in centers called Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK). Under this system, all authorized ticket agents who have worked for at least five years to provide rail tickets (reserved/unreserved) to Indian Railways passengers have the right to become licensed by YTSK. JTBS was designed and implemented to improve the exemption of unreserved tickets in urban areas other than train stations and to create jobs. These would be beneficial for passengers, as they could get general tickets on the market instead of going to the station. Indian Railways have approved a different type of ticketing agents to facilitate passenger access to train tickets, below the details of Indian Railway ticket booking agents to help passengers book tickets.

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