Software License Agreement (Bsd License)

Other projects, such as NetBSD, use a similar 2-clause license. [12] This version was tested by the OSI as an open source license as a “simplified BSD license.” [3] This version allows unlimited rebroadcasting for all uses, as long as copyright certificates and licence warranty exclusions are maintained. The license also contains a clause limiting the use of contributors` names for the approval of a derivative work without specific permission. We need every software under alternative licenses to be carefully insulated in the source shaft so that it does not contaminate pure BSD components. Such careful management promotes clear licensing and facilitates the production of pure BSD derivatives. They must comply with all domestic and international export laws and rules applicable to the software, including restrictions on destinations, end-users and end-use. Anaconda® Individual Edition contains cryptographic software. The country in which you are staying may have restrictions on the importation, possession, use and/or re-export of encryption software to another country. BEFORE using encryption software, please check your country`s laws, regulations and policies regarding the import, possession or use and export of encryption software to see if this qualifies. For more information, see the Wassenaar agreement In addition to the original license (clause 4) used for BSD, several derivative licenses have been created, which are also commonly referred to as the “BSD license.” Today, the typical BSD license is the 3 clause version that has been revised by the original version of Term 4. Anaconda® Individual Edition also offers access to NVIDIA® Corporation`s cuDNNTM (cuDNN) binary software files.

You expressly have the right to use cuDNN binary files with your Anaconda® Individual Edition installation, as long as you comply with the license agreement. You also have the right to redistribute cuDNN binary files with an Anaconda® individual editing package containing cuDNN binary files.

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