Simple Aircraft Management Agreement

Most aircraft owners who own an aircraft choose to use a management company to manage the day-to-day operation and maintenance of their aircraft. This allows the owner of the aircraft to focus on what he is doing well and hire someone else to manage something complex and highly regulated. Aircraft owners expect the management company to know how to maintain an aircraft so that the reliability of the shipment is good, safety is not compromised and costs are reasonable. c) At the end of each semester during the duration of the agreement, the administrator will verify the fixed costs actually incurred by the administrator in the last six months (cumulative “real costs”). In the event that the manager finds that the actual costs differ by more than 2% from the total fixed cost set in Schedule C for this period, the kraft manager will submit documentation relating to these actual costs and the parties will adjust the monthly administration fees accordingly, retroactively or prospectively. On November 15 of each calendar year or before November 15 of each calendar year, an estimate of fixed and variable expenses for the following calendar year is submitted by the Altria Group Controller to the controller of services provided by Kraft Foods Inc. and its 100% subsidiaries as part of the January 1, 2001 service agreement. , Inc. on behalf of the Director, for verification and approval.

The CFO`s approval of Kraft Foods Inc. and the CFO of Altria Group, Inc. is the manager and Kraft`s approval of the estimate of fixed and variable expenses for the following year. These estimates are considered to be the replacement of the existing C and D exposures in this agreement after their approval and the monthly administration fee for the following year is paid in accordance with this modified C exposure. The Administrator heresafter designates Jim Woolley, telephone (914) 288-3021, as a point of contact for flight planning. The administrator may change his contact for flight planning by informing Kraft of this change in writing in accordance with section 11.3. 2.1 Providing aircraft management and aviation services.

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