Responsibility Agreements

At this early stage, such problems are obvious. Nsw Regional Council Chairman Sam Jeffries recently commented on the excessive time spent negotiating separate individual SRSs: “[SRAs] have become a centerpiece instead of doing anything on the subject.” [9] And of course, this does not take into account the many municipalities (in fact, the majority) that completely miss the possibility of funding under the SRAs, because of the lack of capacity to roll out the agreements more quickly. These communities are unfairly disadvantaged. Cloud service agreements typically use a “shared responsibility model” that is an assignment of responsibilities between the cloud provider and the customer. Problems arise when cloud service agreements are used for multiple business units and services without a clear understanding of the customer`s responsibilities for the data they move to the cloud, or when the customer does not understand that they have their own responsibilities to their data. When ATSIC was created, Aboriginal health was one of their program tasks. However, responsibility for managing this program was transferred to the Department of Health in 1995 following the evaluation of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (supported in 1989) and the lobbying of the health sector controlled by the Aboriginal community. [17.18] Since then, the focus has been on the development of mechanisms to coordinate the implementation of Aboriginal health strategy and planning in the health sector. This has led to the development of cross-sector intergovernmental framework agreements, a national approach to performance management and the development of regional planning forums. The development of the strategy focused both on the development of health care infrastructure (with a priority for primary health care) and on the priorities set by biomedicine. [19-21] Before entering into cloud service agreements and/or moving additional data into existing cloud environments, the client must have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the parties.

Customers should have their security team check security policies, procedures and protocols to understand their responsibilities and confirm that the cloud provider`s security standards and notification obligations are acceptable based on industry, business requirements, rules and customer risk profile. More than 100 SRa were signed last year. I have had the opportunity to visit a number of communities that have done SRa, and I have also received copies of the written agreements. It could also be argued that high-level regional and national bodies continue to play a role in the successful implementation of local agreements.

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