Hospital Agreement Letter

E. The Medical Director documents complaints from patients and physicians and reports these complaints and their resolution to the PEP/administrator, with a response from the hospital. Complaint documentation includes: date, issue involved, solution reached, copy of letter confirmed solution to patients or doctors who submitted the complaint. 6.13 Full agreement. This agreement, along with all the timetables, brings together all previous contracts between the parties and constitute the whole agreement between the parties. Both parties recognize that statements or documents that have not explicitly referred to and are an integral part of this agreement are not effective. 2.11 Medical staff rights. Recognising the status of exclusive provider of services, hospital staff affiliation and clinical privileges held by a physician or other physician, Who is employed or retained by a contractor to serve in accordance with this agreement must, on an optional basis and at the sole discretion of the hospital, terminate the termination or expiry of the agreement, provided that, and only if the hospital has entered into an agreement with a supplier other than the contractor to provide services on an exclusive basis from the date of termination or expiry of the agreement, or (ii) the termination of the person`s membership to the holder for any reason. Regardless of the current or future provision of the hospital or the counter-provisions of the medical staff, the contractor is on behalf of the contractor and any doctor or other physician, who is employed by the contractor or is retained by this contract, waives any other right to notification, consultation, control and claim in the event of termination of the affiliation or privileges of medical personnel, or both, because that agreement is terminated when Hospital has entered into an agreement with a supplier other than the contractor to provide services only from the date of termination or expiry of the agreement or termination of the person`s membership. The holder gives the hospital, after or before the execution of this contract, and in the event or prior to the addition of such a person after the performance of this contract, written consent, essentially in the form defined in the schedule attached by G. for any physician and other physician related to this section by any physician or other physician employed or retained by a partner, shareholder or other holder. This agreement only takes effect if this consent has been signed by all these people and delivered to the hospital. The holder is liable to the hospital for any damage, direct or subsequent damage, loss and expenses, including legal fees, for any non-compliance with this provision or sections 2.11, 2.12 or 2.13.

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