Grant Award Agreement

BrightFocus needs a certified financial report for each year of the grant. BrightFocus will provide forms for submitting financial reports through the ProposalCentral ( online application portal. Progress reports are submitted online through the fellow`s application portal to ProposalCentral ( BrightFocus reserves the right to refuse to review future funding proposals from a principal investigator who will not submit the final scientific progress report required for a BrightFocus Grant prior distinction until these brightFocus reports are submitted. BrightFocus has the right to refuse to review future funding proposals from a principal investigator or funding institution if the Senior Auditor does not submit the corresponding final financial report (or return unspent grants of more than $50) until these requirements are submitted to BrightFocus. In the event that, at the end of the grant period, more than 15% of the total grant amount remains in the grant account, the Grantee Institution or the Lead Investigator may apply for permission to extend the eligibility period for a period of no more than one year without an increase in resources. Applications for such “non-cost renewals” must be submitted by official written mail order before the premium expires. The arbitrator`s decision will be binding and conclusive for the parties and each party will respect this decision in good faith. Each party submits heresafter to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Maryland, but only for the seizure of a judgment concerning the arbitrator`s decision in the context of that non-activity, including the cease and desealed action, if any, to render the arbitrator`s decision effective. Regardless of the above, the arbitrator`s judgment may be recorded by the arbitrator in any national or federal court in the state of Maryland or a competent court. When judicial enforcement or verification of the arbitrator`s decision is requested, the dominant party is entitled to reasonable costs and legal fees in addition to any court-ordered recovery.

BrightFocus has both material and immaterial interests in all research conducted under the grant agreement and the support project. In the event that the Lead Investigator, research team or staff is reasonably considered to be involved in research misconduct by the Grantee Institution or an independent institutional investigation, BrightFocus has the right to terminate at its sole discretion all appropriations authorized by this grant agreement.

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