Fuel Sale And Purchase Agreement

(a) to withhold, reduce or suspend deliveries under the fuel sales contract to the extent that the seller deems it appropriate, in which case the seller is not required to purchase or make good bottlenecks on the basis of such a reason, although the seller strives to ensure a fair distribution of deliveries that are generally available in the above events; or 9.4 The performance of an obligation, whether it is the result of a contract, agreement or other way in which an authority, agency, agency or person is authorized to require one of the fuels in kind, is considered to be the execution of an order or request covered in point 9.1 (c), regardless of an agreement of the seller`s or supplier of the seller, the same or part of the same thing. (b) to separate and store the deposed fuel intended to be re-delivered to the tanks of the purchaser from which it has been deposited, or to the tanks of another buyer, or (g) to delete, on written instruction from the customer, the personal data and copies of it at the end of the contract, or to return it to the customer, unless required by current legislation to store personal data; and is exclusively, unless otherwise stated, of the applicable excise tax, VAT or other similar tax that can be levied in the jurisdiction of the delivery premises. 16.2 This agreement may be executed simultaneously in two (2) or more counterparties, each of which is considered original. 14.6 The supplier confirms that it has entered into a written agreement with a third-party processor on the terms and conditions of that third party or that it is entering into a written agreement (if any). Between the customer and the supplier, the supplier is fully responsible for any act or omission of any other third-party transformer that it has ordered in accordance with point 14. 16.1 This agreement contains the entire agreement reached between the parties with respect to the proposed transactions and can only be amended by a written agreement. Any prior written or oral agreement is considered to merge and are replaced by this agreement. The seller`s supplier refers to any facility or person to which the fuel to be purchased and sold as part of the fuel sales contract is delivered, directly or indirectly. 4.3 The seller may inform the buyer (at the seller`s choice) of his credit limit (including the applicable excise duty, VAT or any other similar tax that may be levied in a country) (credit limit) that may be changed from time to time. 3.1. The total contractual quantity of the goods sold and purchased under this agreement is 500,000 (five hundred thousand) tonnes per month (with a further difference (5%) five per cent of the seller`s choice.

This amount corresponds to a one-month offer that must be repeated up to 12 consecutive calendar months for a total of 6,000,000 (6 million) MT to be delivered over a period of 12 (12) months. These terms and conditions apply and are for the purchase of fuel by the purchaser in accordance with the respective fuel sales contract. 20.1 The fuel sales contract and all the documents mentioned in it, as agreed upon, contain the full agreement and agreement between the parties and replace all previous agreements, agreements or agreements (verbal or written) relating to the purpose of the fuel sales contract. (c) to eliminate the deducted fuel and to charge the purchaser all the resulting revenue, reduced by fees, taxes, taxes or taxes borne by the seller at the time of disposal. The order means, at the communication level, by telephone or e-mail from the Buyer to the Seller, to buy fuel, with the words: 14.1 All disputes arising from this contract are settled by mutual agreement in the first place.

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