Franchise Agreement Educational Institute

1.4 Restrictions on the sale of authorized services. This licence does not provide for the right to offer services in a location or from a location other than from the premises. The direct or indirect use of the system by the franchisee, licensed property marks or the sale of services in a location other than the premises is a substantial violation of this agreement and gives Franchisor the right to terminate that contract in addition to any other rights and remedies. The franchisee may not engage in advertising activities or sell, directly or indirectly, authorized or similar services via the Internet, the World Wide Web (as defined in point 9.3 below) or a similar electronic supply system (together “electronic media”); either by tele-copy or other telephone or electronic communications, including free numbers addressed or received by customers or potential customers outside exclusive territory. Franchisees may broadcast advertisements in print media and television and radio programming aimed at customers and potential customers in the exclusive territory, and franchisees are not considered to be contrary to this agreement when viewed because of the natural distribution of print media or the reach of television and radio by potential customers outside the exclusive territory. The franchisee shall not provide sales or services to customers outside the exclusive territory unless there is no other fitness center, either the franchise or the company`s property, which is in the immediate vicinity of the franchise`s fitness centre. (e) The franchisor has the right to create an advertising board made up of franchisees and franchisees, including a franchise representative. This Council is called upon to contribute to the fund`s competition expenses. CONSIDERING that franchisees wish to acquire a franchise for the use of the system and trademarks in the location described in Schedule B, in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, and that the franchisee has had a full and appropriate opportunity to be fully informed of the terms of this franchise agreement through a lawyer of his choice and ensures that he has the commercial experience and financial ability to manage a fitness centre; and 5.6.5 Franchisor`s Intranet.

Franchisor can set up and maintain an intranet that will allow franchisors, franchisees and franchisors to communicate with each other and through which Franchisor will be able to disseminate manuals, updates and other confidential information. Franchisor has exclusive power and control over all aspects of the intranet, including the content and functionality of the intranet. Franchisor is not required to maintain the intranet indefinitely and can dismantle it at any time without liability to franchisees. (b) the franchisee agrees that the fund covers all management costs; the management and preparation of advertising materials, national and/or regional public relations and programs (including, but not limited, to the costs of preparing and delivering national advertising programs and activities, radio, magazines, newspapers, newspapers, newspapers, media and other activities, for conducting marketing surveys, marketing, using advertising agencies to support and provide advertising brochures, coupons and other marketing materials to all franchises of the system).

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