Efama Distribution Agreement

Eurofi , press release: Optimising the cross-border distribution and treatment of investment funds in the EU, December 2007 Efama states in its response that it is important to ensure a proportionate approach when revising these guidelines and that it is also essential to take into account the different distribution and trading models linked to the distribution of shares of investment funds and different distribution intermediaries. In point 16.20 of the consultation paper for the fund or fund manager, EFAMA points out that it is particularly problematic to “take risk-sensitive measures to identify and verify the underlying investors, as these investors could be the actual beneficiaries of the funds invested through,” which EFAMA considers to be an indication that intermediaries, in their own duty of care, , for which asset managers are then asked to assume this responsibility. EFAMA recalls the FATF guidelines for 2018 regarding a risk-based approach to the securities industry, which recognizes that mutual funds do not always have access to investor identity information due to the diversity of distribution and acquisition models, and proposes a number of changes. Craig G. In the event that companies are in favour of obtaining antitrust authorizations for mergers and acquisitions, they may defend transactions in litigation. He also advises companies in structuring their joint ventures, licensing agreements and other trade agreements to minimize the risk of cartels and abuse of dominance and has represented companies in investigations by cartel guardians and civil parties in the Sherman Act. Craig has supported clients in a wide range of industries. , including consumer goods, retail and the internet, supermarkets, pharmaceuticals, transport and energy. Mr. Cas regularly advises clients and has often published questions about the application of antitrust rules to distribution agreements, pricing practices and other relationships between companies operating at different levels of the supply chain. He also has an active pro-bono practice that includes depiction of homeless people and victims of human trafficking and helps secure a court victory for plaintiffs who challenge Wisconsin`s election law for photo-sensing. EFAMA .

Automates the allocation of funds: The business case for ISO 20022, July 2006 . The passport for the processing of funds: a new instrument to improve the efficiency of the European Investment Fund, June 2007 . EFAMA Fact Book – Trends in European Investment Funds, 2007 . UCITS as a global brand – a sector survey of EFAMA, July 2008 . Development of the European investment fund sector in the second quarter of 2008, September 2008 . Standardising resource processing in Europe, September 2008 . Press release – CESR-Council to the management of the passport business: A very good basis for development, 31. October 2008 .

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